Starting a brand New Puzzle . . .


It’s Winter. I’m trying, rather unsuccessfully, to convince myself that I like the freezing cold. I don’t, emphatically, like the cold. Ill do anything to give myself an excuse to stay indoors. I spent a large part of my adult years living where it is 70 degrees in January. Due to reasons outside of my control I’m now living in an area that snows.

So . . it’s time to break out a new puzzle. I’ve lived up north for 5 winters now so I’m prepared. I have enough puzzles to get me through until Spring. I’m settled in for the long haul. The more difficult the puzzle the happier I am!

This first puzzle of the season is a maze and all the puzzle pieces are the same size. I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing. . . Maybe you could even fit a piece in for me. lol!

Later in the day. . . I managed to get the border together, I think, probably not.  Every border piece is exactly the same in shape every series of three pieces could be interchanged into a multitude of different places.  Not until I figure out the maze will I know where the border pieces really fit.  500 pieces.  I thought, it’ll be a breeze.  Maybe, as I put it all together I can think about how my own life pieces fit together, which is the biggest puzzle of all.